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Building Futures Together

WORLD Career Coaching

Empowers Teens and Families by:

  • shaping dreams

  • exploring new possibilities

  • achieving a potential tomorrow

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    Boosting self-awareness, uniqueness, purpose and potential.


     Turning curiosity into aptitude and ambition into purpose.


    Guiding your child on an extraordinary and original expedition.

    Out of the Box!

    Discover a career coaching program like no other...
    Tailored exclusively for those ready to explore all the possibilities that the future holds. This personalized career coaching empowers the next generation to:

    chase dreams fearlessly

    make informed decisions

    chart a path to growth and success

    find their unique passions

    Our Mission:

    We believe in engaging young minds through dynamic activities that foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, ultimately shaping their tomorrow.

    We recognize the family's crucial role in a child's development, so we've unreservedly embraced their inclusion in our program.

    Together, we inspire open conversations, build understanding, and foster a strong support system, ensuring our young participants flourish holistically.

    I am part of this world!

    Let your teen discover their true potential... 
    Let's embark on this transformative journey together! Paving the way toward a future filled with endless possibilities... 

    unlocking hidden talents

    lighting a purposeful path

    discovering their true passions

    unleashing self-discovery

    What sets us apart?

    Our commitment to experiential learning, where immersion becomes the catalyst for growth.

    Our innovative approach includes coaching, mentoring, exploration, and a unique involvement of the families in this process.

    It's a transformative journey that nurtures personal development, ignites curiosity, and cultivates self-discovery (for the teen and parents). 

    At WORLD Career Coaching...

    Every young mind deserves a head start.

    An opportunity to explore their passions.

    A purpose that aligns with their true potential in this vast world.

    Our uniqueness also includes using the MindSonar assessment tool, which greatly enhances our participants' self-awareness and proficiency in soft skills evaluation, ultimately leading to better career selection.

    Since 2017...

    WORLD has impacted +300 teens in many countries!

    Let's build a path that resonates with your teen unique passions!

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    What is the ideal age?

    16 years old and on is a good moment to take advantage of this process to discover their vocational profile thanks to all the tools and expertise we offer. 

    What if career/college is already chosen?

    Is not an issue. Many previous participants have used this program to confirm their choice or make any significant change to re-evaluate other career opportunities.

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